Urogynaecology / Mid-urethral tapes

Voiding dysfunction

Voiding difficulty as a result of the insertion of mid-urethral tapes

Success story

Hannah underwent a TVTO procedure combined with a pelvic floor repair in June 2010. She suffered post operative voiding dysfunction, unable to clear her bladder properly. A suprapubic catheter was inserted 3 days after the operation. 2 weeks later she was taught to self catherise and the catheter was removed. Her voiding difficulties failed to improve, and she was readmitted in December to loosen the TVTO tape. PMS Expert Report concluded that voiding dysfunction following a tight TVTO tape is a recognised complication. The insertion of a suprapubic catheter was unnecessarily invasive, as a urethral catheter would have sufficed. She should have been offered a procedure to cut the tape when she was taught to self-catherise, as the situation was unlikely to improve from that point. Had she been offered such a treatment, Hannah would have avoided 5 months of pain, suffering an recurrent infections. The case was settled, and Hannah received compensation.

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