Urogynaecology / Vaginal hysterectomy

Ureteric injury

Ureteric injury following vaginal hysterectomy

Success story

Ruth presented with urinary incontinence following a bladder injury sustained during laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy with anterior repair. After investigations, she was found to have a vescio-vaginal fistual, and was treated by a laparoscopic repair of the fistula with stenting of both ureters. The bladder healed well, but Ruth continues to suffer significant urge incontinence. Ruth alleged that the hysterectomy was performed in a negligent manner, and that the care she received for her urinary incontinence fellow below an acceptable standard. PMS Expert Report concluded that there was no evidence of breach of duty. Bladder injury is a recognised complication of vaginal hysterectomy, and the injury was immediately identified and repaired. Rizzo's subsequent treatment was entirely reasonable. The case was dropped.

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