Gynaecology / Laparoscopy

Ureteric injury

Suspected damage to the ureter during laparoscopy

Success story

Delia had a laparoscopic left ovarian cystectomy and dye test in May 2010. She was readmitted twice with lower abdominal pain and vomiting, and in June a left ureteric injury was diagnosed. Attempts to pass a stent down the bladder failed, and in July she underwent a laparotomy with re-implantation of the right ureter. PMS Expert Report identified the treatment in June as negligent, as the doctor damaged the ureter, and failed to recognise the injury. The subsequent pain, which lasted for 3 weeks, was a direct result of this negligence. Fortunately, Delia made a full recovery after the procedure in July. The case settled, and Delia received compensation.

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