Gynaecology / Oophorectomy

Ureteric injury

Damage to the urethra following oophorectomy

Success story

Linda underwent a laparoscopic right ovarian cystectomy and dye test in July 2010. She was readmitted twice with lower abdominal pain and vomiting. A right ureteric injury was eventually diagnosed in August 2010. Attempts to manage this failed, and a month later she underwent a laparotomy to re-implant her right ureter. She made a good recovery, although continues to have an unsightly lower midline incision, about 15cm long. PMS Expert Report made several findings on the case. Firstly, the decision to perform a laparoscopy was itself premature. Secondly, the operation was performed negligently. Damage to the right ureter arose due to division of adhesions that was possibly unnecessary in the first place, and certainly performed with insufficient care, with a failure to identify where the right ureter was. The post-operative care was also negligent, and it took three weeks to diagnose the injury, despite two further readmissions. The case settled, and Linda was compensated.

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