Urogynaecology / Mid-urethral tapes

Tape erosion

Tape erosion following the insertion of mid-urethral tapes

Success story

Lee underwent a TVTO procedure with a pelvic floor repair in September 2008. After six months she developed increasing incontinence problems, precipitated by lifting a heavy box at work. She is also pursuing a case against her employers. PMS Expert Report concluded that the decision to insert the TVTO tape was reasonable, and the occurrance of a tape erosion is a recognised complication of all such procedures. The main breach of duty was a failure to fully investigate Lee's unusual urinary symptoms following the initial incontinence procedure six months later. As a result, her urinary symptoms were treated illogically. Intravescial Botox injections were performed before confirming diagnosis of OAB, and before trying conservative treatment, which represents negligent care. The case was settled.

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