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Severe pre-eclampsia

Severe pre-eclamsia during labour

Success story

Ganesha was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Syndrome in 1992. At the time she was advised against another pregnancy and sterilised. Seven years later she sought advice about attempting a further pregnancy, and was referred to a Contraception Clinic for consideration of IVF and a discussion about the risks and benefits of a further pregnancy. Ganesha subsequently underwent IVF and became pregnant. At 22 weeks she became unwell, and was admitted to the obstetric ward. As her condition deteriorated, it was decided to terminate the pregnancy. Ganesha then developed severe respiratory symptoms was was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for ventilation, before suffering a cerebral vascular accident. Ganesha alleged that the advice given to her about a further pregnancy was negligent. PMS Expert Report concluded that there was no evidence of negligence in the advice given, as the doctor advising Ganesha was not made aware of her full medical history. Although this was unfortunate, it did not constitute breach of duty. The case was not pursued any further.

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