Urogynaecology / Sacrospinous fixation

Recurrent prolapse

Recurrent prolapse following hysterectomy and sacrocolpopexy

Success story

Stephanie underwent a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (TAH), left salpingo oophorectomy (LSO) and sacrocolpopexy in 2004 in order to treat painful periods and prolapse symptoms. In 2005 she presented with a bearing-down feeling and urinary urgency, and was found to have a cystocoele. She underwent a para-vaginal repair but continued to have prolapse symptoms and bowel problems. In 2009 she was referred to a colorectal surgeon who diagnosed a rectocoele and performed a STARR procedure. PMS concluded that it was negligent to perform the TAH, LSO and sacrocolpopexy. There were a number of options for conservative treatment that were not discussed. As a result of the surgery, Stephanie has been left with significant urinary problems and requires a course of pelvic floor training and bladder training. Compensation has been agreed.

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