Urogynaecology / Anterior repair

Recurrent cystocoele

Recurrent cystocoele arising from anterior repair

Success story

Flora was 65 when she presented with an uterovaginal prolapse and dyspareunia. After unsuccessful conservative treatment, Anterior Repair and Scrospinous Fixation were performed. Unfortunately, Flora's prolapse symptoms reoccurred, and so she underwent a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-oophrectomy With Sacrocolpopexy and Paravaginal Repair. Two years on, she could still feel a vaginal lump, and so underwent a further Anterior Repair and Sacrospinous Fixation. Flora continues to complain of frequency and the sensation of prolapse. She also remains unable to have sexual intercourse. The defendants admitted that a vaginal hysterectomy should have been performed in the first place, and that the decision not to do so was negligent. PMS Expert Report agreed that abdominal hysterectomy is not a recommended procedure for uterine prolapse, and that doing one was negligent. Had vaginal hysterectomy been performed instead, Flora would have probably avoided further surgery. The case was settled and Flora received compensation.

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