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Pre-eclampsia and CVA

Pre-eclampsia and CVA following delivery

Success story

Ruby suffered a massive intra cranial haemorrhage within a few hours of delivering twins. She was intubated and ventilated, but was later shown to be brain dead. Ventilatory support was turned off. It was alleged that there was a failure to diagnose pre-eclampsia (PET) as well as a failure to control severe hypertension that developed after delivery. PMS Expert Report concluded that there was a failure to diagnose PET. Had PET been diagnosed, then there would have been half hourly measures of pulse and blood pressure, other examinations and anti-hypertensive drugs would have been considered. In this case, her condition could have been effectively treated. The Expert Report also noted an outside chance that Ruby's blood pressure was lower than stated, making the PET undiagnosable. This could not be confirmed, as no port-mortem was conducted. As a result, the case settled, and Ruby's husband received compensation.

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