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Pelvic abscess

Pelvic abscess following hysterectomy

Success story

Tayla underwent a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (TAH) and Right Ovarian Cystectomy in December 2009. She was readmitted with severe pain a week after the operation, but an ultrasound scan was not performed. The pain continued for several months until she was then admitted as an emergency in March. Investigations revealed a pelvic condition and she was treated with intravenous antibiotics before being discharged. An ultrasound done in May showed a persistent pelvic condition, and she was put on a waiting list for elective surgery to deal with it. However in June, before she was able to have the operation, she grew unwell and collapsed. An emergency operation was performed, removing her right ovary. Since the operation Tayla has been better, but suffers from bowel symptoms. PMS Expert Report concluded that had an ultrasound operation been performed upon Tayla's first complaints of pain, a pelvic abscess could have been identified earlier. However, pelvic abscess is a recognised complication of TAH and so the causation was minimal. The case settled to the satisfaction of both sides.

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