Urogynaecology / Posterior repair

Pain and narrowing

Pain and narrowing following posterior repair

Success story

Frieda was 53 when she complained of problems since a Trans-Obturator Tape (TOT) with Posterior Vaginal Repair was performed in 2008. She suffers from constipation and difficult evacuation of the bowel. She has also been unable to have sexual intercourse due to narrowing of the vagina. PMS investigated her treatment, and concluded that it was negligent to advise Frieda to have anterior repair without first trying conservative treatment. These operations are usually reserved for older women, especially given that vaginal narrowing is a very common complication. Therefore the TOT and Posterior Vagina Repair should not have been performed, and Frieda's subsequent problems are a direct results of this. It is unlikely that Frieda will be able to have sexual intercourse comfortably ever again. The case settled with Frieda receiving compensation.

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