Gynaecology / Oophorectomy

Ovarian remnant

Ovarian remnant following oophorectomy

Success story

Sarah had a laparotomy in 2001, during which both ovaries were removed. She presented with a history of left-sided abdominal pain in 2004, resulting in another laparotomy in 2005 at which an ovarian cyst was drained and partially removed. Subsequently her left ureter became obstructed and needed to be stented. Sarah alleged that both ovaries should have been removed in the operation in 2001, and that it was negligent to leave ovarian tissue behind. She also claimed that this made her unable to work. PMS Expert Report concluded that a significant portion of the left ovary was left behind at the operation in 2001, representing a poor standard of care. Had the operation been performed correctly, all subsequent pain and suffering would have been avoided. Until Sarah reaches the menopause, she will continue to suffer. However, PMS considered that Sarah's inability to work was more due to Sarah's other medical problems, including arthritis and asthma. The case has settled, and Sarah received compensation.

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