Urogynaecology / Overactive bladder

Inappropriate treatment

inappropriate treatment for an overactive bladder

Success story

Charley was 60 when she presented with urinary incontinence. After conservative treatment and urodynamic studies, a Trans-Obturator Tape procedure (TOT) was performed in 2005. Her leakage worsened, but nothing happened until 2010, when her doctor diagnosed detrusor overactivity and her symptoms improved with anticholinergic drugs. She expressed concern about the recommendation for and performance of TOT procedure. PMS Expert Report concluded that it was inappropriate to carry out a TOT procedure, and that instead she should have been offered anticholinergic medication in 2006. As a result of the operation, she suffered from worsened incontinence for 5 years, and her overactive bladder symptoms are likely to continue in the long term. This case was part of a group procedure. Charley has received compensation.

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