Urogynaecology / Mid-urethral tapes


Haemorrhage following the insertion of mid-urethral tapes

Success story

Pam was admitted for a Tension-free Vaginal Tape (TVT) operation in 2001. During the operation the needle passed through the left external iliac artery, causing profuse haemorrhage. She was taken back to theatre and the artery was repaired with good results. However, Pam alleged that she was left with some physical disability and depression due to negligent injury to her artery. PMS Expert Report considered that Pam's problems were a direct result of the arterial perforation. Although such a mistake would be considered negligent if done by an experienced surgeon, the error was made by a junior doctor who was performing the operation for the first time. PMS noted that to call this negligent would have serious implications for the training of junior doctors in the future. However, the hospital managed to come to an agreement with Pam that was satisfactory to both sides.

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