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Failed hysteroscopic sterilisation

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Tatiana had 3 children and was 30 years old when she underwent an Adiana hysteroscopic sterilisation in November 2011. Hysterosalginogram was carried out in March 2011 and she was told that the fallopian tubes were occluded. However, she discovered that she was pregnant in June 2012 so underwent termination of pregnancy with laparoscopic clip sterilisation. Further problems due to retained products of contraception were treated with medication. Tatiana alleged that the hysteroscopic sterilisation was performed in a negligent manner, leaving to further complications and the termination. PMS Expert Report concluded that the pregnancy would have been avoided if laparoscoptic tubal clipping had been carried out in the first place. The failure rate with Adiana sterilization is 7 times higher than other types, but Tatiana was not made aware of the alternatives. This meant that the hospital had acted negligently. The case settled and Tatiana received compensation.

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