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Episiotomy problems

Episiotomy problems following vaginal delivery

Success story

Florence had her first baby delivered by forceps in 2000, following a failed attempt at a ventouse delivery. During this an episiotomy was performed and repaired. Subsequently Florence suffered severe pain from the episiotomy scar and discomfort in intercourse as well as post natal depression. In 2002, Dr O'Molloy diagnosed problems in the perineal scar. Florence became pregnant again in 2003, and the baby was delivered by Caesarean section. Dr O'Molloy performed an operation to refashion the perineum a few months later. Unfortunately Florence suffered further problems leading to a vaginal hysterectomy and colporrhaphy in 2004. She alleged that all these problems were due to the negligent delivery of her first baby. PMS Expert Report concluded that the decision to do a forceps delivery, and therefore to do an episiotomy, was justified. However, the repair to the episiotomy was negligently performed, causing Florence subsequent pain. The case was complicated by the fact that Florence refused to be examined in the months after the pregnancy, and was only looked at medically two years later. An earlier examination would have lead to a better long term recovery. Nevertheless, there was no doubt that the negligent repair lead to severe pain and 4 subsequent operations. The case settled and Florence received compensation.

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