Gynaecology / Hysteroscopy

Bowel injury

Injury to the bowel following hysteroscopy

Success story

At the age of 25, Marianne was referred for investigation of primary subfertility and a persistent endometrial polyp was diagnosed in October 2006. In May 2007 she underwent a hysteroscopic polypectomy, whereupon a uterine perforation was diagnosed. Severe abdominal pain provoked a laparotomy 5 days later, where a perforation of the rectum was identified, associated with faecal peritonis. After 9 days in the Intensive Care Unit and 13 further in hospital, Marianne was eventually discharged. PMS Expert Report concluded that the hysteroscopic polypectomy was performed negligently, probably resulting in perforation of the bowel, and that in the postoperative period, diagnosis of peritonitis should have been made on clinical signs. PMS also reported on Condition and Prognosis, finding that Marianne now suffers limited mobility, inermittent severe abdominal pain and considerable urinary problems. These issues have resulted in depression and post traumatic stress disorder. The case settled, and Marianne received compensation.

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