Gynaecology / Oophorectomy

Bowel injury

Bowel injury due to oophorectomy

Success story

Harriet underwent a laparotomy and removal of her left ovary in 2009. She was readmitted 11 days later with severe abdominal pain. The wound fell apart and released a large amount of green pus. 14 days after this she underwent a second laparotomy that identified damage to the bowel caused by the previous operation. Harriet was then in intensive care for a lengthy period, and continues to have problems leading her daily life. PMS Expert Report concluded that the failure to identify perforation to the bowel in the first operation could be negligence, but that there are several scenarios that would make the diagnosis so difficult that the failure to identify would be reasonable. Nevertheless, there was unreasonable delay in diagnosing Harriet's problems following the first operation, which amounts to breach of duty. The case settled, and Harriet received compensation.

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