Obstetrics / Vaginal delivery

Bladder injury

Bladder injury in the course of a vaginal delivery

Success story

Pandora developed a vesicovaginal fistula after an instrumental delivery in 2008. She was treated with an indwelling catheter for three months, before undergoing a vesicovaginal fistula repair. As negligence had already been established, PMS was instructed to prepare a condition and prognosis report on Pandora's condition. PMS Expert Report noted that Pandora was unlikely to have any long term physical problems as a result of the surgery. However, her psychological condition had been severely damaged: she was depressed, suffered psychosexual problems leading to a lack of sexual desire, and was having difficulty relating to her younger child. She also seemed too anxious and afraid of hospitals to have another baby. The case settled, and Pandora was compensated for her psychological trauma.

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