Gynaecology / Laparoscopy

Bladder injury

Damage to the bladder during laparoscopy

Success story

Christabel was 22 when she underwent a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in 2010. Two days later she was readmitted with severe pain, and a further laparoscopy and cystoscopy was performed. This revealed a perforation in the anterior wall of the bladder. Subsequently she suffered a wound infection, and continued to have a suprapubic wound for 2-3 months afterwards. PMS Expert Report concluded that bladder perforation is a recognised complication of laparoscopy, and that although the failure to identify it could be seen as negligent in some cases, in this case the cite of damage was particularly difficult to identify. The report also identified a point of negligence not identified by the claimant - namely that a collection of urine was not drained in the second laparoscopy. Doing this would have avoided the persistent infection. As a result of the report, the case settled.

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